Bite into Omaha and discover the best places to eat during the college world series! When it comes to baseball, few events can match the energy and excitement of the College World Series (CWS) in Omaha. For fans traveling from across the country, this is more than just a sporting event; it’s a cultural pilgrimage. And what better way to immerse yourself in Omaha’s vibrant culture than by diving headfirst into its eclectic food scene? Whether you’re in town for the game or the festivities, Omaha has a culinary adventure waiting for you.

CWS Fan Fest: A Celebration of Baseball and Beyond

Throughout the NCAA Men’s College World Series, Fan Fest is held outside Schwab Field, transforming the area into a buzzing hub of entertainment and interactive activities. From June 15th, between 10:00 am and 9:00 pm, you can immerse yourself in this vibrant celebration. No game ticket is needed to enjoy the festivities, which include everything from interactive games to live entertainment. It’s a great way to soak in the atmosphere of the CWS, even if you’re not inside the stadium.

At Baseball Village, you’ll find a variety of vendors offering a taste of the local and the familiar. From Chik-Fil-A and Dippin’ Dots to local favorites like Dort’s Bar & Grill and Greek To Me, there’s something for every palate. And don’t forget to try the unique offerings from vendors like Nitro Ice Cream and Taqueria Fiesta Latina.

  • Chik-Fil-A
  • Dippin’ Dots
  • Dort’s Bar & Grill
  • Greek To Me
  • Nitro Ice Cream
  • Taquiera Fiesta Latina

Outside of the TD Ameritrade Park

Just outside the stadium, you’ll find iconic spots like Zesto, known for its nostalgic vibe and delicious ice cream, The Matt which is a true CWS tailgating experience, and Rocco’s Pizza & Cantina, famous for their Jello-Shot Challenge.

  • Zesto’s
  • Rocco’s Pizza & Cantina
  • The Matt

Zesto: A Nostalgic Treat

The Iconic Zesto at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha.

Zesto, just outside TD Ameritrade stadium, is more than an ice cream parlor; it’s a time-honored tradition that has been delighting Omaha residents for over 60 years. For those who attended games at Rosenblatt Stadium, a cone from Zesto was a must. Whether you choose a classic cone or a milkshake, Zesto’s treats are the sweet notes that complete your Omaha melody. It’s a taste of tradition that’s hard to resist.

The Matt: The Ultimate Tailgate Experience

The Old Mattress Factory Bar & Grill, fondly known as The Matt, is the epicenter of CWS tailgating. Once a bustling mattress factory, this historic building at 13th and Cass Streets now hosts one of the best parties in town. Early 20th century rough-and-tumble Omaha was a booming place when the factory at 13th and Cass Streets was producing quality mattresses for the city’s fast-growing population. However, times changed, the factory closed, and the neighborhood went dark. Fast forward to 2007, a group of Omaha enthusiasts decided to breathe new life into the majestic block of bricks. After months of renovations, The Old Mattress Factory Bar & Grill opened its doors in November of that year.

Since its opening, The Matt has proudly hosted thousands of special occasions, from family reunions to weddings, and celebrated countless victories with high-fives all around. Hosting the famed College World Series Baseball Village each year since 2010 right in its backyard, The Matt is the place for satisfying lunches, game-watching, and special parties. For those who love crowds, good times, and baseball, The Matt is your place for unforgettable CWS experiences.

But the culinary adventure doesn’t stop there.

Must Try Omaha Area Restaurants

If you’re keen to explore more of what Omaha has to offer, here are some must-visit restaurants that will make your trip truly memorable.

  • Dolomitti Pizzeria
  • Coneflower Creamery
  • Memoir
  • Harold’s Koffee House
  • Block 16
  • Clio
  • Gather
  • Untamed Kitchen
  • Boiler Room
  • Ted & Wally’s Ice Cream
  • Dynamite Woodfired Grill
  • Porky Butts BBQ

Without further ado, there’s something for everyone on this list of restaurants CWS fans should visit in 2024.

Dolomitti Pizzeria: A Slice of Northern Italy

As the doors of Dolomitti Pizzeria & Enoteca swing open, Omaha Food Magazine eagerly takes you on another gastronomic journey. Nestled in the trendy Millwork Commons, Dolomitti brings Northern Italy to North Downtown Omaha. Tim Maides and Carlos Mendez, with investor Luis De La Vega, have crafted a space where wood-fired sourdough pizzas and regional wines reign supreme. Here, the enoteca, a wine lover’s haven, offers a curated selection that pairs perfectly with the authentic, crispy, and chewy crusts. It’s a slice of Italy in Omaha, and it’s ready to steal your heart.

Image Credit: Dolomitti

Coneflower Creamery: A Sweet Delight

When the summer heat demands a reprieve, Coneflower Creamery answers with its velvety ice cream. Locally adored and nationally recognized, Coneflower was voted Yelp’s #1 Ice Cream Shop in America in 2023. This farm-to-cone creamery serves flavors that dance on the palate. Our favorite? The Butterbrickle, a flavor created right here in Omaha in 1920 at the Blackstone Hotel, now the Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel. Blackstone Butterbrickle, a perennial favorite, beckons from locations in the historic Blackstone District and near the stadium in Millwork Commons. It’s more than dessert; it’s an experience of pure, sweet bliss.

Image Credit: Omaha Food Magazine

Memoir: Elegance in Every Bite

a beautiful interior of a restaurant

Omaha’s dining scene is a tale of evolution, and Memoir is its latest chapter. Situated in the Brickline at The Mercantile, this American grill melds the old with the new, blending traditional grilling with modern culinary flair. An open kitchen concept adds a touch of theater to your meal, making each visit a feast for both the eyes and the palate. If sophistication had a taste, it would be found at Memoir.

Image Credit: Memoir

Harold’s Koffee House: A Nostalgic Coffeehouse Experience

If Florence is on your route, Harold’s Koffee is a detour you won’t regret. Step back into a time when meals were made from scratch and hospitality was a way of life. From hand-pattied burgers to their legendary homemade pies, Harold’s offers comfort on a plate. It’s a slice of Americana, served with a smile and a steaming cup of coffee.

Image Credit: Harold’s Koffee House

Block 16: A Burst of Flavors

Block 16 isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a playground for your taste buds. Located at 1611 Farnam St, this beloved Omaha restaurant is where culinary creativity runs wild.

Chef-Owners Paul and Jessica Urban blend their fine dining expertise with a casual setting, creating innovative daily lunch specials that defy convention. From the fiery Nashville hot chicken sandwich to the inventive cumin wagyu beef burrito, Block 16 tantalizes taste buds and keeps diners coming back for more.

It’s no wonder that airline pilots, flight attendants, and even famed chef Alton Brown, who gushes that Block 16 has the best burger he’s ever had, are regulars here. A darling of Omaha, Block 16 never gets old.

Image Credit: Block 16

Clio: A Mediterranean Oasis

a table of Mediterranean food full of colors and beautiful dishes

In downtown Omaha, Clio is where Mediterranean elegance meets Midwestern charm. The Flagship Restaurant Group brings you an oasis of flavors, from perfectly grilled meats to fresh, vibrant salads. Clio’s ambiance and menu are a siren call to those seeking a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. 

Image Credit: Clio

Gather: Sustainable and Delicious

Nestled in Omaha’s charming Little Bohemia neighborhood, Gather offers an unparalleled dining experience that seamlessly blends modern American cuisine with Midwest hospitality. This hidden gem showcases an ever-evolving menu filled with locally sourced ingredients, seasonal delights, and inventive cocktails. Whether you’re indulging in their signature dishes or exploring their exquisite wine selection, Gather invites you to savor the flavors of Omaha in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Image Credit: Gather

Untamed Kitchen: Where Adventure Meets Wellness

In the heart of the Old Market, The Untamed Kitchen is a sanctuary for health-conscious foodies. Founded by Alex Harrington it offers a menu that marries wellness with flavor. From loaded salads to hearty bowls, every dish at Untamed Kitchen tells a story of intentionality and sustainability. It’s where culinary excellence meets mindful eating.

Image Credit: Omaha Food Magazine

The Boiler Room: Fine Dining Excellence

The Boiler Room is Omaha’s fine dining pinnacle. Located at 1110 Jones St, it serves masterpieces by four-time James Beard Award semifinalist Tim Nicholson. Whether indulging in filled pastas, exquisite seafood, or sumptuous steaks, dining at The Boiler Room is a refined experience that stays with you long after the meal.

Ted & Wally’s: Creative Ice Cream Flavors

ice cream

Ted & Wally’s, at 1120 Jackson St, is where ice cream dreams come true. This old-school shop churns out ultra-premium flavors with rich, creamy textures. From Dutch Chocolate to adventurous Sweet Corn, there’s always something new to tantalize your taste buds. It’s a sweet retreat from the summer heat and have a place in our heart for our list of the best places to eat during the college world series. And don’t worry about the lines, it’s all part of the experience.

Image Credit: Omaha Food Magazine

Dynamite Woodfired Grill: Explosive Flavors

Omaha Food Magazine has a soft spot for Dynamite Woodfired Grill, and it’s not just because we recently hosted a fantastic party there. Located inside the Farnam Hotel at 1200 Landmark Center, 1299 Farnam St, Dynamite is the perfect setting for various occasions, whether it’s a romantic date night, sealing a crucial business deal, or celebrating with family and friends. Inspired by Omaha’s historical booms, Dynamite’s signature restaurant narrates a tale of lit fuses and explosive flavors. The modern industrial ambiance meets a heightened experience, focusing on the art of smoking meats and the allure of open flames. With a mix of rustic charm and playful artistry, Dynamite sets itself apart from its no-frills competitors, offering wood-fired and smoked meats with a contemporary twist. It’s where tradition meets innovation in a wild, creative atmosphere.

Be sure to check out our recent article about the best fine dining in Omaha.

Image Credit: Dynamite

Porky Butts BBQ: Championship-Worthy Barbecue

A pork sandwich on a table.

In the quest for great barbecue, Porky Butts BBQ is your prize. No, this isn’t located near TD Ameritrade but BBQ lovers are always on a quest for great barbeque. Porky Butts BBQ belongs on the list of the best places to eat during the college world series! Located on Omaha’s west side, this joint was founded by 3X World Champion Pitmaster Blane Hunter. His slow-smoked brisket and award winning ribs are culinary gold. At Porky Butts, barbecue isn’t just food; it’s a craft BBQ honed to perfection.

Image Credit: Craig McPeck/Omaha Food Magazine

Omaha: More Than Just Baseball

Omaha’s charm extends beyond the baseball diamond. Explore the cobblestone streets of the Old Market, enjoy the competitive party atmosphere at Rocco’s Jello Shot Challenge, or take a stroll on the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge to stand in two states at once. Omaha is also home to notable figures like Warren Buffett and Nick Nolte, adding a touch of celebrity allure to your visit.

As you navigate the CWS Fan Fest and the games, take the time to explore Omaha’s culinary delights. From fine dining to casual eats, the city offers a rich tapestry of flavors that will make your visit unforgettable. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite between games or indulging in a leisurely meal, Omaha’s food scene is sure to impress.

FAQs about the CWS

What are the best places to eat at the College World Series? Some must-visit restaurants include Dolomitti Pizzeria, Coneflower Creamery, Memoir, Harold’s Coffee, Block 16, and The Boiler Room.

Where is the CWS Fan Fest held? The CWS Fan Fest is held outside Schwab Field during the NCAA Men’s College World Series, featuring entertainment, interactive games, and fun for all ages.

What unique food experiences can I find at Baseball Village? Baseball Village features vendors like Chik-Fil-A, Dippin’ Dots, Dort’s Bar & Grill, and local favorites like Nitro Ice Cream and Taqueria Fiesta Latina.

What is the best breakfast spot near Schwab Field? Kitchen Table, located at 1415 Farnam St, is known for its homemade breakfast sandwiches and use of local ingredients.

Where can I find authentic Mediterranean food in Omaha? Clio, located in downtown Omaha, offers a Mediterranean-inspired menu with elegant and flavorful dishes.

What is unique about Ted & Wally’s ice cream? Ted & Wally’s offers over 3,000 creative ice cream flavors with ultra-premium, rich, and creamy textures.

A Destination Like No Other 

Omaha during the College World Series is a destination like no other. The vibrant energy of the games, combined with the rich culinary landscape, creates an experience that’s both exhilarating and satisfying. Whether you’re a CWS fan or a food enthusiast, Omaha’s diverse dining options ensure that every meal is a home run. So grab your fork, your ticket, and your team spirit, and get ready to explore all that Omaha has to offer.

Message us with your suggestions for the best places to eat at the college world series!