Copps has BIG NEWS to share, with the opening of its newest location in just days, re-imagining the space of the former Applebee’s at 180th and Center with a dramatic remodeling effort and dedicated concept to be the area’s affordable, yet upscale full menu and bar.  Of course, Copp’s will still be serving their signature pizzas, wings, and apps and Kris Copp is excited to be bringing that signature Copp’s flavor to west Omaha.

Copp’s new 180th and Center location will be open to the public on Friday, July 15th.  They will have a soft opening for family, friends, and some lucky select fans on Wednesday and Thursday.  The new location will be serving their recently expanded menu, which has already been a hit at their Shadow Lake location.

Expanded Menu Offerings

The expanded Menu includes out-of-this-world appetizers, delicious pasta dishes, hearty salads, grilled salmon, and artfully prepared sizzling Angus beef that includes a 14oz Ribeye, an 8oz Sirloin, and a 6oz Filet.  All are cooked to melt-in-your-mouth specs and served with flavorful and fluffy mashed potatoes, seasoned veggies, and a side salad.

  • Delicious pasta dishes
  • Hearty salads
  • Grilled salmon
  • Ribeyes
  • Sirloins
  • Filets

The expanded menu will build on a recipe for success in the Omaha metro area.

Building on a Recipe For Success

In October of 2019, Kris Copp opened his first restaurant in Omaha on 72nd and Jones Street, just north of the Nebraska Furniture Mart, and from the start has been routinely voted among the best pizza in Omaha.  That success lead to opening a second location one year later in Papillion’s Shadow Lake in the former Nebraska Brewing Company while offering an expanded menu, full bar, and cool vibe.  “I’ve been incredibly honored to have been able to open a restaurant in Omaha,” Kris said.  “Making it through a time while many restaurants have been struggling has been made possible with the amazing support of our customers and our community”.  Since opening in Papillion, Copp’s has already established itself as a cornerstone in Shadow Lake and is a terrific spot for family meals and date nights alike.

“I’ve been incredibly honored to have been able to open a restaurant in Omaha,” ~ Kris Copp

In addition to the expanded menu that has been a success, with diners, Copp’s is now also offering a brand new, 25-item Lunch Menu.  Kris is excited about the new west Omaha location and expanded menu offerings and humbled by the overwhelming support he has received while evolving his restaurant to serve a wider demographic of patrons.  “It’s a blessing to know and feel that people want us to do well. They’re rooting for us” he said.

With the expansion of the newest location, other changes were scheduled. Copps will be closing their flagship location on 72nd street.

Jones Street Location Closing on July 10th

With the expanded menu offerings and moving towards a more family-friendly vibe, the Jones Street location was no longer a good fit for the long-term vision of Copps.

With the recent expansion and focus on evolving as a full restaurant and bar, the original flagship Copp’s location on 72nd and Jones will be closing, with the last day being Sunday, July 10th.  If you are in the area and have that signature Copp’s Pizza in mind for this weekend, you’ll want to get your orders in before the doors close for good on Sunday at 9:00 pm.  They are open Saturday until 11:00.     

The closing of the 72nd Street location is bittersweet, as it was the beginning of a dream for Kris Copp and his family.  That dream has become a reality and he couldn’t be more thrilled to be sharing that dream with his customers and is determined to make sure your visit to Copp’s is a dining experience you want to repeat and share with others.

“My mission is to make others’ days better,” ~ Kris Copp 

Kris is honored and humbled when people choose to walk through the door.  “My mission is to make others’ days better,” he said.  When somebody comes in as a 4, I want to know how we can turn that into a 5-Star-Day” he said.  “I strive to impact others, who can then impact others,” he said emphatically as he demonstrates with his actions the very definition of paying it forward. He is proud to be sharing his expanded menu and the newest location’s upscale, affordable, family vibe.  But it is all part of the larger picture as Kris, his family, as the team looks to the future of how they can continue to impact a community.

“Life is pretty boring without a purpose,” he said.