Copps Pizza is no stranger to The Omaha Food Magazine. Watching their meteoric rise to success in Omaha has been a joy for the Omaha community to watch and participate in.

Kris Copp, the owner of Copps Pizza, has been in the food industry for 22 years. He has done everything from being a dishwasher to a manager, and now, he is a successful owner of three pizza shops in Omaha, Nebraska. Soon, he will be opening his fourth location in Overland Park, Kansas. Here’s the story of Copps Pizza and the vision that drives Kris Copp and his team.

The Journey to Copps Pizza

Kris Copp has always had the thought of owning his own restaurant, and his passion for pizza made it possible. He worked mainly at Pizza Hut, and the thought of bringing outside-the-box ideas to pizza really brought out the kid in him to have fun with food again. After doing market research, Kris realized that Omaha was a great place to start with pizza. It has one of the highest dollars spent on food per capita, and Omaha loves pizza.

Kris Copp, owner of Copps Pizza, standing at the bar at one of his restaurants

In a matter of three months, Kris and his dad sold everything they had, cashed out their retirements, and moved from Kansas City to Omaha to open Copps Pizza. After about six months during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Omaha community really showed how much they loved Copps through the tough times.

Everyone kept asking for a bigger location, and that was when they knew it was time to move to the second location with an expanded menu. The third location was really to centralize all of Omaha so they can become a neighborhood restaurant all over Omaha.

Expanding to Overland Park

Kris and his team are excited to bring Copps Pizza to the Kansas City area, where they spent most of their lives. They plan to deliver in a 5-mile radius, and the location will be very similar to their Shadow Lake location in Papillion, bringing the family sports bar atmosphere to the KC metro area.

The menu in Overland Park will be similar to the menu at both full-dine locations in Omaha. The Overland Park community can expect a family-friendly restaurant serving a large menu of pizzas, wings, burgers, steaks, pasta, salads, and more.

two long plates of wings from copps pizza

Kris and his team are looking forward to sharing their dream with the KC community and creating a family-friendly environment.

The new location is at 6301 W. 135th Street in Overland Park, KS. Copp is hoping to open by late July.

Copps Pizza’s Vision

Kris Copp and his team want Copps Pizza to have a reputation as family-friendly, and it took the whole family to make this a reality. His wife, sisters, parents, and more have created the support necessary to help create the environment and culture of what Copps is and continues to aspire to be. Kris Copp and his team have been blessed with help from so many friends as well with work, visiting, prayers, and so much more.

Coming from humble beginnings, Kris Copp has created a longing to be a big part of the community. They sponsor eight sports teams and Cole Vanderheiden, a race car driver, at this time in Omaha and are involved in many fundraisers/donations across the community. Being able to extend this to Overland Park is a blessing come true. They are so thankful God has put them in a position where they can help people and be the restaurant that people look to as a great meal and a part of the community.

Challenges and Future Plans

Some of the biggest challenges that Kris and his team face are the rising costs of food and labor, but also increases in rent, gas, and electric bills. Add this to the constant battle of staffing and keeping a dedicated team that is about delivering a fantastic experience, and there is always a challenge. They are just so thankful for the great team they have and all the work they put in to create a great dining experience.

Kris and his team are always looking for opportunities, and the sky’s the limit. They are planning to have 3 to 6 stores across Kansas City over the next 3 years. They plan to take it one step at a time and be the best they can be for the community.

two young children looking at a giant burger at copps pizza

More Than a Pizza Shop

Copps Pizza is more than just a pizza shop It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of Kris Copp and his team. They have created a family-friendly environment where everyone can come and enjoy delicious food and great company. Copps Pizza has become a staple in the Omaha community and is soon to be in Kansas City as well.

Kris Copp’s vision for Copps Pizza was to create a restaurant that is not just about the food but about the people. He believed that restaurants are here to make customers’ days better through great food and service.

Copps Pizza is a success story that inspires us to follow our dreams and make them a reality. Kris Copp and his team have faced challenges and obstacles, but they never gave up. They remained focused on their goal of supporting the community and worked hard to create a unique pizza shop that Omaha has embraced. We wish them all success in the future and cannot wait to see what’s next for Copps Pizza.

If you’re reading this in Overland Park, you’re in for a treat.