As the leaves begin to fall and our summer bodies prepare for hibernation in the Omaha area, it is the perfect time to treat yourself to the coziest of fall flavors that are guaranteed to help break-in any new flannel. Pumpkin lovers and apple lovers unite, as you can easily enjoy many of these favorite fall flavors while supporting local.

For the Vegans:

Along with their vegan pumpkin spice latte, Amateur Coffee also offers a pumpkin pie chia pudding as a seasonal snack. This chia seed pudding is made with real pumpkin, fall spices, chocolate chips, toasted coconut flakes, and is topped with a coconut whipped cream.

vegan fare with coffee sitting on a round wooden table in omaha

For the Health Conscious:

The Omaha Bakery constantly rotates their seasonal sweets, but the secret is out that they often carry a variety of keto-friendly treats including their keto pumpkin spice whoopie pies! The Omaha Bakery was recently featured on the Food Network’s hit reality show, the Spring Baking Championship.

health conscious dessert in omaha

For the Tea Lovers:

The Tea Smith offers a variety of fall flavored teas such as their Applejack Festival Blend, Almond Apple Delight Fruit Tisane, Black Bourbon Praline Tea, Pumpkin Spice Black Tea, and their Raspberry Rhubarb Riot Rooibos Tea. Any tea can be brewed in a cup to-go or packaged dry so you can treat yourself to several cups at home.

For the Apple Lovers:

Hardy Coffee’s apple chai is a belly-warming experience showcasing their house-made chai concentrate mixed with apple juice to create a warm, apple spice that is even dairy-free!

cup of tea and loose tea leaves on a white background

For Those Wanting More Than the Average Pumpkin Bar:

Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop’s brown butter pumpkin bars take pumpkin bars to a whole new level of richness. But if you are tired of everything pumpkin, treat yourself to their new seasonal cookie sandwich, a white chocolate chai snickerdoodle!

row of delicious pastries

For The Cold Lovers:

Some people crave ice cream during the cold, and those cold lovers should take advantage of the short lines at Coneflower Creamery. Coneflower’s ice cream flavors change every day, but you can always expect a new flavor to treat yourself to such as cinnamon cappuccino, Mexican hot chocolate, and brown butter French toast with peach jam.

apples around ice cream on a flat lay

With Omaha offering many different options to satisfy fall cravings, the start of the adventure is up to you. You may even discover a new favorite to share or to keep all to yourself, no judgements here. Most importantly, enjoy the season along with every scent and flavor that comes with it.