The Exciting Arrival of Teriyaki Madness in Omaha

Teriyaki Madness, the popular and trendy Japanese fast food franchise, has chosen Omaha as the location for its latest adventure. Omaha’s food enthusiasts eagerly await, reminiscent of Samurai Sam’s legacy. Dive into the excitement and get ready for the MADNESS, Omaha!

Teriyaki Madness is all about creating a satisfying yet healthy dining experience.

Located in the L Street Marketplace near 120th & L Street, this opening is stirring up a special excitement among the food aficionados of Omaha. Our magazine, typically not one to feature franchise businesses, couldn’t overlook the buzz that’s been building up in online communities like Reddit and Omaha Food Lovers on Facebook.

The Legacy and Growth of Teriyaki Madness

From Seattle to Omaha: Spreading the Madness

Teriyaki Madness began as a Seattle Teriyaki menu and has evolved into a brand dedicated to “Spreading the Madness.” The founders, two brothers and their cousin, have infused their passion for quality and taste into every dish. From its inception in 2003 in Las Vegas, Teriyaki Madness has grown to over 130 locations, making it one of the fastest-growing big restaurant chains in America.

A Wave of Anticipation

Omaha’s culinary scene still fondly remembers Samurai Sam’s, a similar franchise that left its mark before closing years ago. Those who were devout fans eagerly await this new opening, hoping to relive or even surpass their past experiences. The online forums are abuzz with comments from Omahans who have savored Teriyaki Madness in cities like Denver, all sharing a common sentiment: anticipation.

What’s Cooking at Teriyaki Madness?

When it comes to Teriyaki Madness, CEO and owner Michael Haith’s words ring true, “Everything is coming up Teriyaki Madness.” Known for its fresh, high-quality ingredients, this Japanese fast food franchise stands out in the crowd. From their iconic Mad Sauce – a perfect blend of sweet and heat – to their commitment to serve real, made-to-order meals, it’s a culinary experience that promises both health and flavor.

The Menu: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

a graphic with 8 different teriyaki bowls.

Teriyaki Madness’s menu is a testament to their innovative spirit. As Delany Fisher of The Omaha Food Magazine puts it, “It’s not just about eating; it’s an experience that combines tradition with a twist of modern flair.” The menu features a range of dishes that are as nourishing as they are delicious, ensuring a meal that’s not only fulfilling but also aligns with a healthier lifestyle.

The Madness Philosophy

Their website quips, “We’re like your ex… we pop up just about everywhere.” This lighthearted approach extends to their food philosophy: “No gut-bombs. Real food, made-to-order, with fresh, high-quality ingredients.” Teriyaki Madness is all about creating a satisfying yet healthy dining experience.

Who’s Behind the Madness?

“Teriyaki Madness is not calming down,” says Michael Haith, CEO and owner of Teriyaki Madness. “Sales are great. With commodities dropping and labor improving and margins expanding, everything is terrific.” It’s clear that under Haith’s leadership, Teriyaki Madness is more than just a restaurant; it’s a phenomenon.

Is It Chinese or Japanese?

Delany Fisher, from The Omaha Food Magazine, clarifies this common query: “Teriyaki Madness elevates the Japanese fast-food experience. It’s all about fresh, top-quality ingredients, setting it apart from the usual fast-food offerings.” Indeed, Teriyaki Madness prides itself on serving wholesome, delicious meals, a refreshing change from the usual fast-food fare.

The Infamous Mad Sauce

One of the stars of the menu is the Mad Sauce. Described as “deceivingly sweet then turning up the crazy with some lingering heat,” it promises to be a hit among Omahans looking for that extra kick in their meals.

Teriyaki Madness: More Than Just Food

Teriyaki Madness, born from the passion and expertise of two brothers and their cousin, has grown from its humble beginnings in Las Vegas to over 130 locations nationwide. This growth is not just a testament to their delicious offerings but also to the brand’s commitment to “Spreading the Madness” – a mission to bring the best teriyaki to everyone.

A Culinary Revolution in Omaha

the exterior of a teriyaki chicken business.

As Omaha welcomes Teriyaki Madness, it’s not just about adding another restaurant to the city’s landscape. It’s about embracing a new culture of eating – one that values freshness, quality, and a touch of craziness. With its roots in Seattle’s teriyaki tradition and a vision that sees beyond, Teriyaki Madness is set to become a beloved spot for those seeking a meal that’s both comforting and adventurous.

Your Questions Answered

  • Is Teriyaki Madness Chinese or Japanese? Teriyaki Madness is a Japanese fast food franchise that elevates the dining experience with fresh ingredients and traditional flavors.
  • What is Mad Sauce at Teriyaki Madness? Mad Sauce is a unique blend that starts sweet and then brings a surprising heat, offering a flavor kick that is both irresistible and memorable.
  • How many Teriyaki Madness locations are there? With over 130 locations, Teriyaki Madness is rapidly growing, spreading its unique take on Japanese cuisine across America.

Teriyaki Madness is not just another franchise opening in Omaha; it’s a symbol of culinary evolution, a blend of tradition and modern tastes. As Omaha embraces this new flavor, it’s clear that the madness is just beginning!

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