The Globe Chophouse | Modern Dining Honoring History  

An entire community is buzzing about an unrivaled dining experience that will not only serve up an exquisite menu but also offers an ambiance of history with a touch of modern flair. Towards the end of May, The Globe Chophouse is slated to offer big-city dining in small-town Nebraska.

the globe clithing store in hartington nebraska

The building at 301 North Broadway in Hartington, Nebraska has been drawing people to the town of 1,500 for well over a century. Since 1876, Globe Clothing was a destination for those in nearby Norfolk, Vermillion, Yankton, and Sioux City. The original building was destroyed in a devastating 1888 fire that leveled nearly two blocks of the Hartington business district. The now-iconic Globe building was built in 1901, and Globe Clothing continued to serve the tri-state area for another 115 years. Everyone in the area knows “The Globe” as well as its unique corner entry.

History and a genuine love for Hartington and the surrounding communities are not lost on entrepreneurs and restaurateurs Kate and Kyle Lammers, who are excited to bring the building new life as The Globe Chophouse, featuring fine cuts from the family business, KL Beef. Kyle is a sixth-generation Hartington farmer, with deep roots in the community. His family has been in Hartington since his Great, Great, Great, Grandpa, John Lammers, settled in the area from Germany via Ohio and nearby Sioux City. In 2012, Kate told Kyle of the Globe Building, “I want to buy that building.” “For what?” Kyle replied. “… I have no idea!” was Kate’s answer.

The Iconic Globe Clothing Sign

The building was purchased a few years later by Erin and Ben Schroeder, well-known for their Veterinary business and television show, Heartland Docs, which airs on Nat Geo Wild. Kate saw the initial renovation a few years ago, which included a loft apartment on the top floor and a beautifully restored main level. It only piqued her interest even more. Cut from an entrepreneurial cloth, Kate has been offering low-carb and keto-friendly treats, many of which are provided by Omaha’s own The Omaha Bakery and Copps Pizza, through her boutique business, EmmeLu B’s. The Lammers’ had been visiting with the community and it became clear that the town and surrounding areas have been craving a full-service restaurant.

Fast forward a few years, and the proclamation Kyle shared with Kate, “We should try to buy the Globe”, and he approached Ben Shroeder to do just that. When the opportunity came for the Lammers to purchase the building in early 2021, they jumped on it and their dream sprung to life. No strangers to hard work, they have been working non-stop to unveil what the Hartington community has been missing for so long, and they can’t wait to welcome you to The Globe Chophouse.

Kyle & Kate Lammers

“We always knew we wanted to operate a business that would feed the community of Hartington” Kate said, and now they are poised to do just that. Kyle and his father, Ed, had been providing beef to surrounding families from their farm for years, and Kyle always knew he wanted to take that to another level. Ed shared the book ‘To Be a Man’ with his son, and they prayed for his venture, KL Beef, to work and to serve others. With the support of an amazing community, their hard work, and their faith, Kyle and Kate have been off to the races ever since.

On target for a late May launch, the Globe Chophouse will provide an upscale dining experience for a reasonable price in a space where the ambiance simply can’t be recreated. The history of the building is unmatched, and the Globe Chophouse is sure to become a favorite of nearby Yankton, Vermillion, Norfolk, and Sioux City. We are also certain that for savvy Omaha-area foodies, this will be a trip worth taking, and a road trip that should be on everyone’s list. News of the opening has traveled fast.

The Globe Burger - 1/3 lb. Angus Beef

The menu is already shaping up to offer Lunch Specials, such as a Steak Sandwich, Gourmet Burgers, and a Chicken Dish. The Globe Chophouse will also offer a Quick Carry option, allowing people to order ahead and pick up a lunch unlike anything else in the area. While the lunch is sure to be amazing, the Dinner Menu is what will re-write some of the iconic building’s history.

For dinner, every Friday and Saturday the chops take center stage and feature a Ribeye with cuts of either 12, 14, or 16 ounces. You will also find a New York Strip, with cuts of 12 or 16 ounces, or you can indulge in an 8 or 10 ounce Filet Mignon. All are offered in a healthy one-inch cut of Angus beef, but if you say the word, you can order the 1.5” Heartland Cut, named for their friend and Heartland Doc, Ben Schroeder.

14 oz Angus Ribeye | Baked Potato | Asparagus

The menu highlights three signature sauces; a Balsamic Dijon sauce, a Bearnaise sauce, and a Creamy Peppercorn sauce featuring cream from the local Burbach Dairy.

Weekends will spotlight a featured entrée, which includes, Seared Salmon in a honey glaze, using honey from locally sourced Benson Honey. Or a Bacon and Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken with a 3 cheese blend of cream cheese, cheddar, and blue cheese, with a garlic-pepper sauce. The menu will always include the Globe Chophouse signature mashed potato and Local In-Season vegetables. It is important for the Lammers’ to feature as many local products as they can as part of the menu. The Menu will also feature a “Low carb stamp” for many items.

Chislic Seared Beef Tips

In addition to a featured starter, appetizers include Chislic Seared Beef Tips, with a garlic horseradish sauce for dipping, as well as a Smoked Gouda Artichoke Dip, served with a baguette, or parmesan chips upon request as a low carb option.

Be sure to put this one on your list. Exuding work ethic and romance, The Globe Chophouse is a timely venture, featuring modern updates and views of downtown Hartington, while taking a step back in time and honoring a community’s rich history and architecture of the town’s cornerstone signature building.

For more information or to contact The Globe Chophouse directly, call  (402) 254-9062 or visit their website.