Omaha’s Vegan Renaissance

In recent years, Omaha’s culinary landscape has undergone a profound transformation, with a surge in vegan dining options. Pioneering restaurants like Modern Love, which opened in 2014, have set the stage for innovative newcomers like Rooted Table in Countryside Village and now Veg.Edible in Benson. These eateries are redefining the vegan dining experience, establishing themselves not just as alternatives but as culinary destinations in their own right.

A Woman-Led Vegan Eatery in BensonThe exterior of a vegan bakery. their are murals on the side of the building.At 2740 North 61st Street in Benson, Veg.Edible stands out as a beacon of vegan and allergen-friendly cuisine. This woman-owned eatery, led by Stacie Van Cleave, is rewriting the rules of comfort food. Stacie shares, “The journey to open Veg.Edible was inspired by my personal health challenges and the desire to create a welcoming space for vegan, gluten-free options in Omaha.”

Stacie’s Vegan Discovery and Advocacy

Stacie’s transition to veganism was spurred by a combination of health concerns and a documentary that opened her eyes to the diet’s benefits. “After watching ‘What the Health,’ and grappling with chronic asthma and medication costs, I embraced a plant-based diet. This change led me to realize the potential of vegan cuisine to transform lives,” she explains.

A Vegan Menu of Inclusivity and Exploration

a vegan chicken bacon ranch sandwich

Veg.Edible’s menu is a celebration of inclusivity and culinary creativity. Stacie remarks, “Our menu is ever-evolving, drawing inspiration from comfort food classics and transforming them into vegan delights. From the Chick’n Bac’n Ranch Sandwich, acclaimed by Chef David Burke, to our Meaty 3-Chz Lasagna, we’re redefining what vegan food can be.”

Pictured Above: Chick’n Bac’n Ranch Sandwich

Image Credit: Daniel Muller

Navigating Challenges and Building a Community

Starting Veg.Edible presented Stacie with various challenges, from navigating legalities and permits to overcoming financial strains. “The biggest hurdle was taking the initial leap of faith. Gaining the community’s trust, especially regarding allergen-friendly options, was also crucial,” she says. The support from Omaha and Benson has been integral to their success, with the community’s response exceeding expectations.

The Pulse of the Community and Visionary Expansion

a male and a female vegan chefs standing with their arms crossed in a vegan bakery

Since opening, Veg.Edible has seen a heartwarming response from the local community. “Our baked goods, especially our cakes and brownies, have been a delightful surprise, becoming some of our most popular items,” Stacie notes. Looking to the future, Veg.Edible plans to expand its menu and possibly its premises, staying true to its commitment to quality and inclusivity.

Image Credit: Daniel Muller

Sourcing Ethical and Sustainable Ingredients

a female chef wearing a black chef's smock and a male chef wearing a white chef's smock looking over several vegan dishes on a steal table.

A key aspect of Veg.Edible’s ethos is the careful selection of ingredients. “We prioritize brands with clear ingredient lists and high production standards. Emphasizing locally sourced produce during peak seasons is also a focus for us,” Stacie explains. This approach ensures that every dish is not only safe but crafted with the highest quality ingredients.

Image Credit: Daniel Muller

Empowering Aspiring Vegan Entrepreneurs

Stacie offers sage advice for aspiring vegan entrepreneurs: “It’s essential to have patience, conduct thorough research, and ensure financial stability. Networking and learning from others in the industry is vital. Above all, your heart and passion for veganism should be the driving force behind your venture.”

A Haven for All Food Enthusiasts

five black dishes with vegan food

Veg.Edible extends an invitation to all food lovers to join their culinary journey. “We’re more than a restaurant; we’re a community. We welcome everyone to interact with us, be it through social media or by visiting us in person,” says Stacie.

Image Credit: Veg.Edible

A New Chapter in Omaha’s Vegan Food Narrative

Veg.Edible is not just a restaurant but a statement in Omaha’s evolving food narrative. It’s a place where dietary needs are met with creativity, care, and respect. For those in Omaha, whether long-time vegans or those curious about plant-based eating, Veg.Edible is a must-visit destination, offering a tantalizing exploration into the rich possibilities of vegan cuisine.

Join Omaha’s Vegan Community

a vegan chef holding a red velvet vegan cake with white frosting

As Veg.Edible continues to expand and refine its offerings, it steadfastly upholds its foundational principles of inclusivity, transparency, and culinary excellence. This commitment is palpable in every aspect of their operation, from the carefully curated menu to the engaging community interactions.

Embracing their role in the local food scene, Omaha Food Magazine recently became a part of the Veg.Edible community in a very special way. For our 10th anniversary celebration, we sought a cake that aligned with our values to support locally owned businesses and reached out to Chef Stacie for a custom-made Red Velvet Vegan Anniversary Cake.

Our baked goods, especially our cakes and brownies, have been a delightful surprise, becoming some of our most popular items. ~ Chef Stacie

The experience underscored Veg.Edible’s ability to deliver not just on flavor but also on creating memorable, community-centric moments. As the eatery forges ahead, reinventing comfort food classics with a plant-based twist, it is poised to become a beloved staple in Omaha’s culinary landscape. We encourage everyone to follow Veg.Edible on social media, where you can stay updated with their latest menus, indulge in mouth-watering food photography, and join a community that shares a passion for exceptional plant-based dining.

Embracing Omaha’s Culinary Future

Veg.Edible stands at the forefront of Omaha’s culinary future, championing an innovative and inclusive approach. It’s a place where food transcends mere sustenance, embodying love, care, and respect for all. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or exploring plant-based options, Veg.Edible welcomes you to experience the joy and satisfaction of vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free dining.

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