At first glance, the phrase “Seafood Omaha” might strike you as a surprising contrast in a region famed for its beef heritage. Omaha, Nebraska: a place synonymous with expansive plains and cattle. It’s a stronghold of beef, but amid this landlocked state, an eclectic seafood scene thrives, offering a surprising contrast to its meat-centric reputation. In Omaha, we don’t coast – we seafood, diving into a rich, diverse culinary ocean.

In a recent digital survey, Omaha’s culinary enthusiasts cast their votes, highlighting the best seafood Omaha has to offer. While Omaha boasts a plethora of restaurants serving up seafood and boils, the preferences of Omaha Food Lovers have distinctly shaped this list of favorites.

Shucks Oyster House: The Blue Collar Gem

1218 S 119th St, Omaha, NE 68144

Shucks is the quintessential oyster bar with a blue-collar spirit. It’s a haven for those seeking simplicity and quality, offering fresh oysters and seafood in an unpretentious setting. Here, the charm of Omaha’s down-to-earth character is evident, making every patron feel at home. Shucks Oyster House has three locations in the Omaha metro area.

Image Credit: Shucks

Isla Del Mar: A Universal Seafood Destination in Omaha

5101 S 36th St
2502 S 133rd Plaza ste 105
a dish of fried fish and shrimp

Isla Del Mar emerges as a standout in South Omaha, transcending the typical boundaries of a Mexican Seafood restaurant. With two locations in Omaha, it’s a haven for seafood enthusiasts of all types, offering an extensive menu that harmoniously blends traditional Mexican flavors with a wide array of seafood delights. From the classic seafood boils, bursting with savory spices, to the fresh oysters and skillfully prepared fish dishes, each offering is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to both authenticity and culinary innovation. The visual presentation of each dish elevates the dining experience to one of the best in Omaha, making it not just a meal but a feast for the eyes.

a seafood boil

This seafood restaurant caters to a diverse clientele, appealing to anyone seeking a remarkable seafood experience in Omaha. The chefs at Isla Del Mar take pride in their craft, presenting an array of beautifully crafted seafood dishes that showcase the versatility and richness of the ocean’s bounty. The restaurant has become a beacon for seafood lovers in a city famed for its steaks, offering a unique dining experience where cultural fusion meets universal appeal. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Isla Del Mar invites you to explore the heart of Omaha’s seafood scene, where quality, diversity, and culinary artistry converge in every dish.

It’s clear to see why Omaha has fallen for Isla Del Mar, consistently ranking it as one of the top seafood restaurants the metro area has to offer.

Image Credit: Omaha Food Magazine

Bonefish Grill: The Sophisticated Choice

120 Regency Pkwy, Omaha, NE 68114

a lobster tale and potatoes on a white plateBonefish Grill brings contemporary elegance to Omaha’s seafood dining. Specializing in market-fresh fish and wood-grilled specialties, this establishment caters to the refined palate, complemented by an impressive selection of hand-crafted cocktails and wines.

Image Credit: Bonefish

Plank Seafood Provisions: Coastal Vibes in the Midwest

1205 Howard St, Omaha, NE 68102

oysters on a plate with ice

In the heart of Omaha’s Old Market, Plank Seafood Provisions offers a coastal-inspired oasis. It’s a place for memorable dining experiences, blending thoughtful service with notable flavors, in a setting reminiscent of a seaside retreat.

Image Credit: Plank

Charlie’s On The Lake: Where Martini Meets the Sea

4150 S 144th St, Omaha, NE 68137

two lobster tails on a white plate

Charlie’s On The Lake is where fine dining meets a tranquil waterfront ambiance. This American eatery, known for its extensive martini list, provides a unique blend of serene settings and a seafood-centric menu, making it an ideal spot for a relaxed yet elegant meal.

Image Credit: Charlie’s On The Lake

A Taste of New Orleans: Cajun & Creole in the Heart of Omaha

6023 Maple St, Omaha, NE 68104

a to go box with fried fish and shrimp

Bringing the soul of Louisiana to Nebraska, A Taste of New Orleans offers authentic Cajun and Creole cuisine. This spot in the heart of Benson is a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of the city, offering a slice of the Big Easy’s vibrant culinary landscape.

Image Credit: Taste of New Orleans

In Omaha, the seafood narrative is as engaging as it is unexpected. Here, amidst the nation’s beef heartland, the seafood offerings stand out, not just for their quality but for their diversity and the stories they tell. From the unassuming charm of Shucks to the sophisticated allure of Bonefish Grill to the incredible presentations at Isla Del Mar, Omaha’s seafood scene invites you to explore, taste, and savor. It’s a reminder that in this city, known for its steaks, the seafood offerings are not just an afterthought – they’re a proud and integral part of Omaha’s culinary identity. We don’t coast – we seafood.

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