The Sweet Beginning of Helados Locos in Omaha

Omaha, NE – Get ready to add a scoop of excitement to your life with the opening of Helados Locos, Omaha’s newest ice cream destination. Located in the same shopping mall strip as Javi’s Tacos in Lakeside, this ice cream shop is the brainchild of Javier Trujillo, the entrepreneur behind Time To Rise & Shine, Javi’s Tacos, Helados Locos, and Frosty Mugs Sports Bar. With its doors set to open soon at 17330 W Center Rd, Omaha, NE, Helados Locos is primed to become the go-to spot for unique and flavorful ice cream experiences.

mexican popsicles

Not Just Ice Cream, But a Fiesta in Every Cup!

At Helados Locos, every order is a celebration. This isn’t your ordinary ice cream shop; it’s a place where vibrant flavors and fun collide. From the moment you step in, you’re invited to join the ‘dance floor’ of taste exploration. Omaha’s newest ice-cream shop promises an atmosphere that’s just as lively and colorful as its ice cream.

A Flavorful Twist on Traditional Treats

Helados Locos stands out with its unique approach to ice cream. Forget those freezer-burned popsicles; here, you’re in for a real treat. The shop offers an extraordinary range of flavors, transforming the simple act of cooling down into an adventure for your taste buds.

A Mexican Gelato Experience

mexican ice cream in a cup

What sets Helados Locos apart is its focus on Mexican-style ice cream. Closer to gelato, with less fat and air, the focus here is on rich, natural flavors. From classic fruits like strawberry and mango to decadent chocolate and Sicilian pistachio, every scoop is a creamy, dreamy delight.

Say Hola to New Flavors

Forget the same old scoops. Helados Locos introduces Omaha to a world of new flavors, each promising to make your taste buds dance with joy. It’s an invitation to explore Mexican ice cream in a way that’s never been done before in West Omaha.

The Mexican Ice Cream Revolution

Javi’s newest creation isn’t just about great ice cream; it’s about bringing a slice of Mexican culture to Omaha. From paletas made with fresh natural fruits to rich, creamy delights, the shop is a celebration of Mexican ice cream traditions, offering a unique taste experience.

Join the Fiesta!

As Helados Locos gears up to open its doors, the excitement is palpable. This isn’t just an ice cream shop; it’s a destination where Mexican flavors meet family fun, creating an ice cream experience unlike any other in West Omaha. So mark your calendars and get ready to experience the Mexican ice cream phenomenon that’s about to sweep the city!

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