Semo Pasta + Wine in Fremont is special.

In the world of dining, it’s not often that a small Nebraska town becomes synonymous with exceptional cuisine. However, that’s exactly what’s happening in Fremont, where Semo Pasta + Wine is making waves in the culinary scene. This unassuming gem, tucked away on Main Street, is a culinary delight that deserves recognition for its unwavering commitment to good food, excellent service, and a meticulously curated wine list. Semo, short for semolina Italian pasta flour, takes you on a gastronomic journey through European-inspired Nebraska cuisine, and it’s a journey you won’t want to miss.

A Chef with a Vision

Behind the scenes at Semo is the talented Chef Drew Statz, a familiar face to those who have savored his creations at restaurants like Monarch and Dante in Omaha. His passion for culinary excellence is evident in every dish he crafts. From the moment you step into Semo, it becomes clear that Statz is a chef with a vision—one who meticulously selects each ingredient and personally shapes every corner of his restaurant. His commitment to pushing culinary boundaries and providing an unforgettable dining experience shines through in every aspect of Semo.

A Taste of Excellence

The quality at Semo is undeniable and stands out right from the start. The menu is a testament to Statz’s dedication to creating European-inspired dishes with a Nebraska twist. One can’t help but be intrigued by the offerings, such as the blood sausage on polenta—a dish rarely found outside of exclusive establishments like La Buvette. The homemade pate on the cheese plate is another testament to the restaurant’s commitment to excellence.

Semo also excels in seafood, as demonstrated by its Alaskan halibut dish with elements of hot and cool, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. The halibut crudo, with its gentle fish flavor complemented by calabrian chili, spicy radish, and bright lemon, is a must-try for seafood enthusiasts.

Captured in the image above is the talented Sous Chef Audrey La Grace, proudly presenting a magnificent halibut she brought in, the star of a recent weekend special.

Culinary Perfection

As the name suggests, pasta is a highlight at Semo, and it’s all homemade. The menu boasts a variety of pasta shapes paired with unique, well-executed sauces. These are not your typical Italian-American dishes like fettuccine alfredo or chicken Parmesan. Instead, you’ll find offerings like tagliatelle, ravioli, spaghettini, and mafaldine, served with slow-cooked pork and short rib ragu, classic wagyu bolognese, a thin white wine sauce, or a rich carbonara made with pork guanciale and pink peppercorn.

The pastas at Semo are consistently outstanding, with flavors that will linger in your memory. A crowd favorite is the mafaldine and bolognese, generously topped with Pecorino Romano and a drizzle of olive oil, boasting deep, savory flavors that warm the soul. The only minor disappointment was the basil spaghettini with Dungeness crab, which lacked the expected basil punch and left us wanting more.

Prepare to feast your eyes on a captivating snapshot featuring Chef Anna crafting delectable lobster ravioli.

A Community Affair

Semo’s charm goes beyond the food. Located in a historic building in Fremont, the restaurant exudes a welcoming, neighborhood atmosphere. Chef Statz, who lives just a short walk or bike ride away, is deeply connected to the community and envisioned Semo as a place where locals and visitors alike can come together to savor good food, good service, and good wine.

Statz’s dedication to sourcing ingredients locally is evident in every dish. He collaborates with local farms, ensuring that the restaurant’s menu reflects the best of Nebraska’s produce and meats. This commitment to community and local sourcing is a testament to Statz’s genuine desire to support and elevate Fremont.

Semo’s Future

a picture of three chefs in front of a brick wallSemo’s evolving menu, driven by the desires of its guests, keeps things fresh and exciting. The restaurant has been pleasantly surprised by its clientele, with diners coming from West Omaha and Elkhorn to experience its unique offerings. Statz’s innovative approach, like the truffle dinner events and ever-changing daily menus, promises to keep patrons coming back for more.

Semo Pasta + Wine is a culinary gem that has put Fremont on the map for exceptional dining experiences. Chef Drew Statz’s unwavering dedication to good food, good service, and good wine is apparent in every aspect of the restaurant. Whether you’re a local or making a special trip, Semo is a must-visit destination for those seeking European-inspired Nebraska cuisine that pushes culinary boundaries and delivers on its promise of excellence. So, stop by Semo, savor a plate of pasta, pair it with a glass of wine, and rest assured that you’ll leave well taken care of.

Semo Pasta is just one of the exciting new restaurants that has opened in the Omaha metro area in recent months, inviting you to savor the evolving culinary landscape and embark on a delightful exploration of flavors right here in our vibrant community.

Image Credit: Semo Pasta + Wine