Omaha Food Magazine is thrilled to share some exciting news with our readers: the upcoming opening of Dolomiti Pizzeria & Enoteca in the Millwork Commons area of North Downtown Omaha. This new culinary destination promises to bring a slice of Northern Italy to our vibrant city.

A Pizza Journey Awaits 

As the doors of Dolomiti Pizzeria & Enoteca prepare to open, we at Omaha Food Magazine are eager to take you on anothe journey. The restaurant, a brainchild of local entrepreneurs Tim Maides and Carlos Mendez, in partnership with realtor and investor Luis De La Vega, is set to redefine the dining experience in Omaha.

The Heart of Millwork Commons

a skyline view of the north downtown Omaha Millworks Commons area

Located at 1105 N 13th St, Omaha, NE 68102, within the trendy Millwork Commons development, Dolomiti Pizzeria & Enoteca is poised to become a neighborhood staple. The area, known for its innovative spirit and rich history, is the perfect backdrop for this European-style pizza and wine shop.

More Than Just a Pizzeria

a pizza oven and a wood fired pizza on a butcher block

Dolomiti isn’t just any pizzeria; it’s a celebration of authentic Northern Italian cuisine. The menu features wood-fired sourdough pizzas, crafted with a meticulous eye for traditional techniques and flavors. But that’s not all – patrons can also enjoy seasonal salads, an array of cheese and salumi, panini sandwiches, and an impressive selection of regional wines and on-tap prosecco.

A Nook for Wine Lovers 

A unique aspect of Dolomiti Pizzeria & Enoteca is its enoteca – an Italian term for a wine repository. This ‘wine nook’ is not just a storage space but a haven for wine enthusiasts, offering a curated selection of regional wines for both sale and tasting.

Building a Community Around Food in Omaha

Dolomiti is more than a restaurant; it’s a gathering place for the community. Envisioned as a space where people can slow down, relax, and enjoy great food and drinks with loved ones, it embodies the spirit of communal dining.

A Sneak Peek into the Future

Stay tuned as we follow the journey of Dolomiti Pizzeria & Enoteca. From the build-out of their space in the Ashton building to their grand opening, we’ll bring you all the updates.

 A Toast to New Beginnings

We at Omaha Food Magazine can hardly wait to welcome Dolomiti Pizzeria & Enoteca to our community. Its commitment to authenticity, quality, and the spirit of communal dining makes it a highly anticipated addition to Omaha’s culinary scene.

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Dolomiti Pizzeria Address:

1105 N 13th St, Omaha, NE 68102
At Millwork Commons in North Downtown Omaha 

Image Credits: Dolomiti Pizzeria & Millwork Commons